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The Libertine

I’ve been to The Libertine once before, but only to get drinks after our Fashion Week Dinner Party. Since Neal Brown of Pizzology and L’Explorateur fame runs the place, I knew I had to try the food.

Small plates at The Libertine

I rounded up a bevy of gal pals and we went on a weekday for small plates and cocktails. I was really happy to find that there are a couple of salads and healthier dishes on the menu, so I didn’t have to break my no white carbs diet to go. We tried four different dishes: lamb neck rillettes, the apple salad, beets and goat cheese, and the deviled eggs.

Apple Salad

All the dishes were delicious, but I was surprised that my favorite was the apple salad. I just ordered it to report on some of the healthier options, but it was so balanced, citrusy and nutty. One of the most craveable salads I’ve had.

An assortment of three different types of deviled eggs

 And can we just talk about how cute the pink deviled eggs are? Kinda obsessed.

Lamb neck rillettes

I wouldn’t call it super healthy, but the lamb neck rillettes were amazing. I didn’t try the bread that came with it, but the cornichons and pickled onions were the perfect salty accompaniments. This is the kind of bar food that I’m talking about!

The beets and goat cheese dish was another yummy and healthy option.

I’m definitely heading back to The Libertine sometime soon. It’s rare to find really good bar food and it’s even rarer to find good bar food with healthy options! This is a great place to grab a drink, a few friends and share a few delicious and creative plates.


The Libertine

38 E Washington St
Indianapolis, IN 46204

(317) 631-3333

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I'm an Indianapolis girl blogging about Christianity free from the religious nuttiness that people often associate it with. I love a good martini, sky high heels, furry friends, and most importantly, my relationship with Jesus Christ!

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  1. Where is it???

  2. Hey Indyslim! Love your critiques! Have you tried the new Colts Grille on Washington? I took my girlfriend there and she really enjoyed it! Lots of vegetarian & gluten free items and the place is really nice…..I was amazed. The men’s room is crazy! Anyway, would love to know if we agree on this place. Some really cool & creative menu items, cocktails & craft beers.


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