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Room Four

After meticulously planning her Bloomington birthday bash, which included a tour of Oliver Winery, dinner at Farm, and a hipster-themed bar crawl , Maggie found out that our little brother Zack would be unable to join us, much to her dismay. So he decided to make it up to her by planning a sibling dinner at Room Four. Maggie had been wanting to check out this restaurant for quite some time.

Here’s a little background: Local chef Greg Hardesty opened Recess back in early 2010. Recess’ menu is typically a 4-course prix fixe that changes daily. Room Four opened up right next door this past May. Here the menu is a la carte with a few options for appetizers and main courses. The walls span about the width of an alleyway, there can’t be more than ten 2-top tables, the food is far less expensive and the atmosphere is more casual.

When we dined here, I almost forgot we were in South Broad Ripple – it felt like I was back in New York having dinner in one of Manhattan’s tucked away culinary gems. The food was so phenom that we couldn’t help but dig in before I got a few pictures taken, hence the messy plates and missing piece of bread from the meatloaf sandwich.  But enough from me – I’ll let the pictures do the talking…

We started out by sharing an appetizer: the striped bass ceviche tostada with avocado cream.

Luckily, we all wanted something different for our main course so we were able to share. I ordered the turkey tacos with avocado, queso fresco and salsa verde.

Maggie went for the grilled meatloaf sandwich with chipotle bbq sauce and jalapeno slaw.

Zack had the Gunthorp Farms pork schnitzel with sweet corn, collard greens and bacon.

You won’t find food like that at a chain restaurant and we Hoosiers deserve to finally start eating like kings and queens!  So boycott mediocrity by frequenting our local joints so we can keep Indianapolis treasures like Room Four around for a long time.

You provide your curiosity and the Conner sisters will keep supplying you with an up-to-date scoop on local restaurants.

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